Couple’s Counseling


Conflict with your spouse or partner can make life difficult.
If you find that you are fighting more but connecting less, it might be time to consult a professional. 

Often, we do not communicate effectively and this can lead to hurt feelings, fights, and resentment. A therapist can help you both learn to communicate more effectively so that you are talking rather than fighting. 

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Due to the scarcity of affirming professionals in the area, I work exclusively with LGBTQ+ couples and couples in non-traditional relationships such as polyamorous, open, non-monogamous, or D/s relationships.

If you are heterosexual and in a traditional monogamous relationship, I am happy to send you my referral list of other professionals. Just send me an email!

Opposites attract but it can be tough living in a relationship with someone who is very different from you.

You may have different schedules, different ideas on what a healthy sex life is, or have extremely different viewpoints on money.

Often, we do not think or talk about things like our lifestyle when we choose a partner – we follow our feelings. If you are having difficulty finding commonality, therapy can help.

When couples first come to see me, I let them know that sessions are not going to be full of yelling. We do not rehash all the old fights you have had. Couple’s therapy is a process where you both learn new skills to practice, in order to make the relationship better.

There is no winner or loser when it comes to fighting in a relationship – if one person wins, the relationship is loses. Compromising is not one of you just agreeing to do what the other wants to do. 




If you are ready to change your relationship for the better, make an appointment!



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