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Since we have transitioned to only online sessions at my practice, I wanted to show you what an online session actually looks like!

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The latest videos on the topic of relationships and how to have healthier relationships.

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10 Tips to Make Your Relationship Last During Quarantine



The Five Love Languages – Improve Your Relationships in 10 Minutes or Less!



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Videos on various mental health topics.

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What Is An Online Therapy Session Actually Like? An Example!

Grief & Grieving How to Move Forward After Loss


“Meet Grace” is a series of videos where Grace Christian Counseling Center director Dr. Walter Frazier interviews the therapists & counselors to learn a little bit more about them.
My interview is a quick “get to know me” and you can click the video below to view it!


 Ask A Therapist


Ask A Therapist is a weekly YouTube series where Stacey answers questions submitted via email or the website  Quora.

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