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Therapy for Difficult Family Relationships
  Conflict with you family of origin, extended family, or partner’s family can be difficult to navigate   “You don’t get to choose your family, but you do get to choose how they’re allowed to...
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Therapy For Relationship Issues
    Fighting with your partner disrupts every part of your life. It can be almost too painful when the person you love most causes you pain.   Are you contemplating whether or not to...
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Therapy for Anxiety
    Take back your life from anxiety and stress.   Anxiety can be emotional feelings as well as feelings in your body. Unexplained tension in your muscles, clenching your jaw, and making fists, any...
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Therapy for Spiritual Abuse
      Your feelings are valid. It is safe to explore your experiences here.   Distressing Experiences in Church can happen to anyone. Sometimes, these experiences may make it difficult to practice your faith...
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Hi, I’m Stacey! I work with individuals and couples who are experiencing things like:

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Talking through what is happening in your life with a trained professional can help more than most people realize.

I am passionate about helping my clients work through
their pasts in order to lead happier, healthier lives!

Stacey Aldridge LCSW LGBTQ neurodivergent affirming therapist in Ridgeland Mississippi autism ADHD

Stacey Aldridge, LCSW
provides therapy & counseling in the Jackson, MS area.

Inspired Happiness Therapy is located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. For more detailed information please visit the locations page.
Online therapy is available to anyone in the state of Mississippi.

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