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What Are Codependency and Low Self-Esteem?

Do you have trouble saying “no”? If you tell someone “no,” do you feel guilty about it afterwards? Have you found that you accept behavior from family members that your friends say is not acceptable?

Have you noticed that you struggle with feelings like unworthiness or feel unattractive even though people tell you are attractive? Are you avoiding taking chances because you fear failure or rejection? Do you feel like you put all your time and energy into your relationships but get nothing back?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions you might be struggling with low self-esteem and/or codependency.

What Is Therapy for Codependency Like?

Codependency presents itself in relationships in a couple different ways. People who are codependent often feel like they know what it best for everyone around them and get upset if people don’t do what they want. They also feel like they can’t say no to the people they care about, being needed makes them feel good. Saying “yes” when you mean “no” can lead to resentment. Even if you say “yes” because you’re afraid of losing someone or damaging the relationship, that is not a healthy relationship. Helping people and being there for those you care about are good traits but not at the expense of your own physical and mental health.

People associate codependency with addiction but you do not need to have people in your life who are addicts and alcoholics in order to become codependent. 

By creating boundaries in relationships, people who are codependent can become happier and healthier. I can help you figure out where you want your boundaries to be and how to start putting yourself first. If you have difficulty letting the people you care about make mistakes and bad decisions, and you can’t stop intervening even when they tell you to stop, boundaries also help with that! The key to healthy relationships with ourselves and others is boundaries.

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What is Therapy for Low Self-Esteem Like?

People with low self-esteem are often very self critical. You might make a mistake and say something to yourself like “Great job, loser. Why did you even bother?” You might believe that you’re not good enough for the job or relationship you want. It might be that you don’t even try because you’re convinced you will fail. When you look around, everyone else seems to have it easier, they just don’t struggle as much as you do. You look in the mirror and you see something you don’t like – you tell yourself you’re too short or too tall; to thin or too fat; you don’t have an attractive face or body. Perhaps you’re convinced you are just not interesting or intelligent.
Therapy for low self esteem is a combination of self acceptance and challenging negative thoughts. I can teach you how to combat your negative self talk that fuels feelings of never being good enough. 

Low Self-Esteem and Codependency

You might find that you have one but not the other or maybe parts of both sound familiar to you. No matter which, if you are saying mean things to yourself it’s likely you are feeling some depression as well. If you have trouble saying “no” you are probably exhausted and frustrated. Neither of those are feelings you should have to live with!

If you are questioning whether or not you should seek professional help, you can likely benefit from talking with a therapist! Contact us today to set up an appointment. You can use the contact page to send a message, schedule a consultation call , or call the Inspired Happiness Therapy and Wellness office directly 769-224-4234.

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People who are codependent often feel like they have no choice in many parts of their lives.


When you are codependent or have low self esteem, it’s often easier to take care of others than it is to take care of your own needs.